Edoardo Datteri

Research interests

  • Philosophy of Cognitive Science: models of explanation, levels of analysis, methodology of Artificial Intelligence and biorobotics.
  • Educational robotics: children explanations of robotic behaviours, methodologies for designing and evaluating educational robotics laboratories with children and teachers.

Recent publications

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  • Datteri, E., Zecca, L., “The Game of Science: an experiment in synthetic robo-ethology with Primary School children”,  IEEE-Robotics and Automation Magazine, 23:2, pp. 24-29.
  • Datteri, E. (2015), “Telescopes on the past: robots as models of extinct animals”, Book Review, Evolution: Education and Outreach, 8:21.
  • Datteri, E., Laudisa, F., “Large-scale simulations of brain mechanisms: beyond the synthetic method“, Paradigmi, 23:3, pp. 23-46.
  • Datteri, E. (2016), “Biorobotics”, in L. Magnani T. Bertolotti (eds.), forthcoming on Springer Handbook of Model Based Science, Springer, Heildelberg/Berlin.
  • Datteri, E. (2015), “Intelligenza Artificiale e scienze della natura”, in P. Pecere (ed.), Il libro della natura. II. Scienze e filosofia da Einstein alle neuroscienze contemporanee, Carocci, Roma, pp. 265-300.